Spring Fiddle head Stew!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yum, it's fresh from the forest, made there in a witch's cauldron,
Green, slimy and fertile, with humus like chunks,
Every snail will love it.

Frogs will come to swim in the brew, adding their own body odors
and then it will have magical powers,
so that every mythical creature will be nourished.

There will be a flea circus, living nearby,
and then the children will see things,
unsee-able, and participate in things

Firey horses will come to land on your doorstep,
with silvery carriages in their wake,
to take you away to mythology land.

There you will fly to the nearest stars,
to visit the spacemen who in- habituate there,
with their fishy noses and furry teeth,
and chicken like feet.

When you return, you will be over-joyed to see the earth
with it's rhinocerouses, and giraffes with their blue stained tongues.

The elephants will trumpet the welcome
and march to see you in your silver space carriage
drawn by fiery hore-hounds.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "LOOPING..." by jonycunha

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