Beach Standing Stones

Sunday, June 27, 2010

1779 Keira came through this portal whole,
entranced enormously with her journey here,
lost no members from her crew,
only years from lives un-lived.

On Scotland's shore she came to ground,
aboard, the vessel named for her queen,
it travelled through time, with jewels aboard,
and many manuscripts from yore.

White haired and silver was her mien
with wrinkles many on her skin
only six and twenty were her years,
old beyond her time she was.

With her a fair companion came,
ageless, and deathless, he was,
a ghost, some say, a spirit conjured,
to travel the stones through time, with her.

A silver horse, with smoke like mane
stood on the vessel with fair Keira,
waiting to disembark they were,
to ride across the land unseen.

A cloud-like wraith, he did become
to sail through air with wings unseen,
across the moon, they would voyage far,
over bare trees, and into the towns.

Heroic deeds, many, were done, in those times,
for peasants and kings alike,
all were recorded as saintly things,
but Keira and companion were the cause.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Two columns" by SergioTudela

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