Magical Circles

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three times around the pillar,
incantations specific,
will take you to the foreign shore,
never to return to this time
any more.

It's rudimentary, actually, said the master
but not basic
to travel through time faster
than we're intended to.

The place you arrive will be changed by your presence,
and never return to it's previously known normal.
So from that perspective it's important to realize,
that the future of your life is right now,
being constructed match-stick by match-stick.

In one million years, this stone construction will
have collapsed into tiny fragments of sand or dust.
Your presentiments of destruction is just
the normal chaotic passage of entropy.

To counteract this you must create anew,
every second of your waking existence.
In sleeping this creation will be crystalized,
into physical reality.

Remember to encircle the stones always in the same direction,
or else the threads of existence will become

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Light Painting, Knapp's Castle" by BURИBLUE

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