Sharlock Henshaw Strikes Again

Sunday, July 25, 2010

In the early day, sitting at a cafe,
drinking his morning beer,
Sharlock Henshaw relaxes after having solved his
32nd case of the month.
Dreary February, it was in the high mountainous city
of Sybel, in far-away Europe.

In top form of professional acuity,
without so much as a "may I please"
Sharlock has condemned a criminal to everlasting
torment in payment of his crimes.

The criminal looks much the opposite of Henshaw,
but is never-the-less his brother in blood.

Having shared the same mother in childhood,
they were locked in perpetual conflict,
but now, they have finally been

Separately, now they must free themselves
of any remaining blood ties.

Pictured to the right and left,
are images of the brothers macabre.

This will be the last public viewing available,
of the arch-enemies Henshaw.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Canon 5D Mark II" by Carlo Nicora

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