Through Castle Windows in Winter

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lord Snowdun lives in a castle, whose windows reveal only what he wishes to see. Most of the time this is a scene of fresh snow, turning the world a blazing white, with silver glitterings and golden glows when the sun shines.

The reality inside the castle is a contrast of temperature and ugliness, that only a place like hell could spew out.

Lord Snowdun spends his days in contemplation of the view through his castle windows. He does not see the squalor in which he lives.

This is a good thing, for if he were to focus his gaze inside the house, it too would become snow covered inside. Why would such a thing occur?
Because, inside his head there is an ice cube device that radiates snow to the valleys outside his body, to which he turns his focus.

His body requires hellishly hot temperatures to remain alive. His body is mostly bare, with cloven hoofs for feet, and horns for ears. His skin has been burned a crimson red.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Snow Frame" by *clairity*

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