Hay Bale Pebbles versus Blades of Grass

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Youthful Person A:
"From this angle, and this distance, they look like tiny stones tossed randomly onto a bumpy rolling carpet."

Person B:
"Don't try to roller-blade here, or the stones will trip you up."

Youthful Person A:
"Make you fall, face first into the stubble left behind in an autumn-drenched field."

Person B:
"Harvested, it has been, in case, you know, it didn't register.
Razed to the ground like in a forest fire.
(I mean, the grass was.)"

Youthful Person A:
"Now, it's empty except for the little pebbles left behind."
(pauses briefly, thinking) "And what good are they, again?"

Person B:
(To lie in the stomachs of domestic cattle like lumps, waiting for digestion?)

Youthful Person A:
"yea! You mean like food for the winter, when there's no grass growing.....?"

Person B:
"Something like that. Yea."

Youthful Person A:
"Well, I have to say, I don't like the look of it one little bit. Now, if I were an alien, looking down at this planet, from up above somewhere,
I'd think this "human" practice of razing grass off of miles of meadows,
was downright barbaric somehow, downright barbaric."

Person B:
"Well, there's only one redeeming factor in it really, and that's the fact that it will all grow back, you know, like hair
that's been cut too short?"

Youthful Person A:
"Ok, well I'll give you that much. It will, and does grow back. At least it does right now still, but what if, it didn't?
I mean in the future, you know? What if it STOPPED GROWING back?"

Person B:
"Well then, I'd have to say, quite honestly, that We are totally SCREWED!"

Youthful Person A (nodding solemnly)
"And that's a fact." (Short silence, both individuals are thinking...)

Youthful Person A:
"So, really, what you're saying is: Our lives are dependent on the

of blades of grass,
and not on
hay bale pebbles!"

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Tuscan summer memories" by rayced

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