Living on the Bridge

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dusk, the purple reflection above the hills, the bridge, and the dwellings with their evening lights coming on, meant they were at supper, and it was good to swim across now, to escape.

No one will be able to see a few bobbing heads in the water, soon. It'll be too dark.

I say we go, now before it's dark, and too dangerous to cross. The rest, said no, they wanted to stay. So I jumped in by myself, and swam till I thought my lungs would burst. My legs burned, but I had to keep on.

For many minutes I heard them whispering in the semi-dark, and felt their watchful eyes on my back. Some, would have wanted me to come back, I knew, but now I must go on. The decision had been made.

The river continued for miles after the bridge, and there were no guards along the banks here. I should have climbed out onto shore long ago, but I was afraid of what I would find in the wilds along the bank, especially in the dark. It was hunting time for the creatures that lived by the water. Hungry creatures they were.

When I could no longer swim, I floated as long as I could, and drifted downstream with the current. It wasn't flowing very fast here, I could last until the first grey dawn lit the sky from the east.

The water didn't feel cold anymore now, and I began to worry that I would fall asleep. My brain felt heavy, and waterlogged and wanted sleep. I sat on the rocks, and kept a keen eye and ear out for the noises of the night hunters.

By the time the sun touched the water, I was fast asleep on the bank. It must be at least ten miles away from the city on the bridge. This day would be spent hunting for food, and making a crude shelter. Hopefully none would come in search of me.

For now, I just wanted to disappear from the people who lived their lives, forever suspended on the bridge between the two shores of this massive river.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Ponte Vecchio al tramonto" by rayced

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