Five from the Fog

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Touchdown out of Fog
into downtown TO.
We emerge rejuvenated from Space-flight,
bearing no casualties or wounded.

Fifteen years ago we left, on a wild chase,
through the cosmos, as it was then known.

It's a million times bigger now, and more dangerously complex.

Next we're gearing up for a triple jump to Mars and back.
Just a little quickie jaunt for us.
We've been farther than known, mapped space.

And we didn't fall off the edge.

But you never know for sure, what could
be around the next star shower.

Hopefully no monstrosity of a black hole,
to grind us into bits of atoms.

We're glad to be back on this planet earth.

And best of all: time target was only off by fifteen years.

Time for your kids to have grown up and
your parents to have died.

There's got to be a more precise way to target.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "5" by gagilas

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