Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Welcome to Bicycle Stunt City. It's the 'Bike du Soleil' of our town. We love to show how to survive the most contorted positions you can get a human body with bicycle into!

Last weekend we showed off our stunts at the local Farmer's market. The crowd was amazing. They didn't just cheer, they asked for more. Some even came up with suggestions for the next show or the next big routine.

Just when we had finished the stunt, a motorcyclist joined us with his loud gaseous noxious vehicle. This had not been planned, except perhaps by him. It turned out to be his suicide stunt.

Instead of landing on top of number 81's back, he tried to wheely up and over him. Couldn't get over him, and landed in a heap. The crowd jeered. They wanted him out of there. But he raised his fist at them in contempt, and ran his bike into the crowd. He injured several bystanders, before smashing headfirst into the glass walled building. A sheet of it crashed down onto his head nearly beheading him. There was no chance of survival after that. He died within minutes amid the carnage of his twisted up motorbike.

There will be a funeral announcement for the lonely biker in the papers this morning. Some members of the Bicycle Troupe will go, despite the manner of his untimely death. We could easily have been dragged along to his particular brand of Hell. But we're still here performing.

We consider it to be because "the gods of Bicycles are smilin' on us."

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Portland Twilight Criterium 2010" by BikeRanger

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