Sizzling Suitcases!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The explosion was not intended, and was therefore a total surprise.

It occurred at the ungodly hour of three am.
There was no time to hide the sound, the light, or the affects on the room.
Police sirens from the neighborhood station began emanating noisily about five minutes later and grew steadily louder.

There was no choice for Peter and his group of 'friends' but to run.

When police arrived, the scene was deserted. Only the blackened remains of the suitcase sat where it had exploded. In the middle of the floor, with little else around it in the room.

Evidence was gathered and carefully transported back to the police headquarters. It wasn't much to go on. Only a quantity of blackened suitcase remains. It appeared to have been empty when it exploded. There was no bomb residue or remains.

The bag with the evidence was stored, a report was written up, and the incident was forgotten - mostly.

Five years later to the exact day, there was an unexplained explosion in the evidence room at police headquarters. It came from the previously recorded location of storage for the remains of the blackened suitcase. This time even the storage bag remained un-destroyed! Only the contents sizzled and fumed smoke for several days.

This time the evidence bag was brought out of storage, and placed on display in full view of every police officer who entered the building. There was placed, a note, on the table before the display.

It requested that the Magician who had 'created' the exploding suitcase please come forward, claim the remains, and give an explanation for the mysterious sizzling suitcase!

(Anyone who could give a plausible explanation would also be awarded great esteem by the community.)

Five years later, Peter's charred body was found, wrapped around the evidence bag, the morning following the third recorded explosion. The bag was empty of all it's previously contained remains.

This time the suitcase 'spell' had killed him in the act of dismantling the magic within it.

(Police now suspect that the 'charring' effect may have been 'let loose' into the community at large.) Bomb and terrorist squads have been ordered up in advance for the date five years into the future.

As of now, no one knows how to deter the black magician from exercising his morbid effects.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Trust me I'm a Professional - Day 228, Year 2" by purplemattfish

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