Waiting for a Serum

Monday, September 20, 2010

Doctors sat for five hours yesterday, in the sweltering heat, at the university medical auditorium in order to be available for the distribution of the only serum being produced that can successfully cure the deadly virus that is slowly killing everyone.

Even though we are all wearing masks in order to slow the transmission of this deadly virus, it has been proven that it can travel through the air, from an infected person to an uninfected new host.

The first target organs are the lungs because they are already so over-impacted by the high air pollution/poor air quality in our major cities.
Scientists are predicting that in ten years, everyone wearing a mask to facilitate breathing today will be dead.

The serum is being made at an agonizingly slow rate compared to the speed at which individuals are dying. Only a few people are willing to do the next best thing in order to gain immunity.

The skin of the common frog has been shown to have the antibiotic properties which may lead to a cure.

Anyone for kissing a frog?

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Voluntarios / Volunteers" by sarihuella

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