Tiny Mushroom People

Saturday, October 02, 2010

In the forest bottom
where it's moist and green,
live tiny mushroom people,
dreaming a verdant dream.

Hidden away from sight
living a quiet, rooted life,
it's easy to not see them
below the underworld of forest strife.

It's a miniscule world of magic vision
enhanced by their mushroom sight,
they dream a world into being,
their inner eye takes flight.

They burrow down with their rootlets,
into the fecund forest mulch,
drink forest pine tea for breakfast,
and mildewed leaf brew for lunch.

Their children are seeds sprouted
pushed out into the air from their gills
seems they can swim through the currents
through vaporous wisps of wind frills.

Tomorrow there will be more of them,
coming in through open sills,
frequenting your bread yeasts set there,
to rise from tiny dough pills.

Let us stroll down the wood's walk together,
visit the circle of mushrooms there,
surely we shall be protected
inside fairy children's stories, fair.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "'Shrooms in WASDOF" by rawheadrex--away till X'mas (or thereabouts :-)

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