Ominous Black Caterpillar

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Space has spawned an ominous black caterpillar-like rift in the sky.

It appears to be emerging outwards from grey sediment.

It also appears to be moving into focus, and coming closer to earth.

Space officials have sent several probes to determine what this entity is made of.

Whether there is intelligent life directing it's movements.

Perhaps we are being invaded!

But there's no sense in panic yet. There is every indication that this is a geographical land form emerging from space orbit near earth's solar system.

If that is the case it will provide excellent study and experimentation opportunities in the next few decades. Scientists are gathering to determine this at present.

No communications have been established between earth and the newcomer. Medium and type of language have not yet been determined.

Earth residents may observe this phenomena every night there is a clear sky, in the vicinity of the moon, and keeping pace with it's movement cross the sky through out the night. Amateur astronomers are reporting their sightings and findings regularly to local astronomy associations. It may be that the most interesting and conclusive observations come from the 'amateur' sector.

We will report their latest findings that have been released for the public, here. Tune in again to see what those are.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "On a path to 2009..." by kevindooley

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