Scrying Globe "Lost"

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I've lost my magician's globe somewhere in this kid's sandbox.
Or else someone has deliberately taken it!

How could it have disappeared so easily if it didn't respond to other magicians' spells?

This is what it normally would look like, in a state of stasis, which means that it's not being used for a spell. But if and when it gets called into use, it can change into almost any imaginable thing! So you see, it could actually be sitting right beside you, you might think it's your favorite pet cat, and not know that it's actually a spying wormhole of sorts for some magician.

The problem is, these magical worm holes can turn up or go anywhere, without even a magician to command them. They have a mind of their own so to speak.

So if you happen to notice any strange thing where there wasn't one before, please let me know before you decide to pick it up and enclose it into a box or something! 'Cause if you do that, it will burn a hole into the box and escape that way. I've been told it takes a very powerful and skilled magician to keep control of a scrying ball or wormhole, and I guess I'm not one of those yet. If I were, I wouldn't have lost mine now would I?

I need to find a book of spells, for this particular type of ball, and practice a "calling" spell. If you know one that works please give me a tingle. I'll owe you one, if it works to bring back my deviant scrying tool.

This is Egbert the Fourth signing off, from the year 2056. More posting will follow on this tingle frequency if I succeed in the future.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Garden Globe, Classic Grayscale" by Orin Zebest

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