Time in a Glass

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Drink this stuff, and your bound to go places you've never been before! Just try it and see.

It's been squeezed carefully out of the small round globes produced on a green vine in clusters that resemble grapes. Then it is set to ferment over the course of many units of time. Many rotations of the year, from fall to spring and back again.

This fermentation does not always succeed well, and sometimes it goes bad, becoming undrinkable by humans. When that happens we give it to our swine. They will drink anything and still survive it. The meat from these swine, when slaughtered and brought cooked to the banquet table is particularly well seasoned and tasty. It is considered a delicacy. Such is the nature of transformation over time, in swine.

So you see, there is nothing wasted in this community. Everything has it's purpose. Even time in a glass, will send you on a pleasant journey. Some like it so much they never return from it! It's like a second life-time for them.
Just think if we could mine the stories of the coma induced landscapes generated from the minds of humans who have embarked on the journey into and through the liquid called 'Time in a Glass'.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Bright-Field Lighting 2" by Kyle May

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