Watery Channel of the Deities

Monday, October 11, 2010

Well, we found it, and it isn't blocked up. It's the original channel of the feathered deities. We know because there's a sign carved in the old stone way marker.

No one has as of yet volunteered to travel the channel in a canoe or kayak. Some feel it's cursed to enter the waters here.

So I decided to swim it. In my usual no nonsense, and I'm not believing anything you can say or shout at me, I put my big toe in. It wasn't cold. Felt like luke-warm tea actually. Stripped off my clothes, and dived in.

What I saw on the bottom, no one but you is a party to. It was covered in green water plants, but I swam by and grabbed a handful off. Underneath it's gold, and shaped like a statue of a perfect human. It's probably so heavy, no one person could lift it to the surface.

If I tell the team, they'll want to bring it up. And, I'm not convinced that's a good thing to do. Maybe it is meant to guard the channel somehow. They'll call it the golden deity and all sorts of other things that are probably just made up village myths.

So I'm keeping my lips together and not telling anyone else but you. You understand me, and my need for secrecy, right? Perhaps we can both of us benefit from this discovery at some future time when all the heat's off this place. It just has to fade back into the mists of obscurity, and then we can come back and make our move. Okay?
(end of email)

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Reflections in Cedar Lake" by gomattolson

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