Antique Turquoise Door

Monday, October 25, 2010

This is where we enter into the magical world of wizards. It appears totally normal and we see no hints that there may be sulphurous clouds and danger on the other side.

So the question is should this door be opened today? Is it a good, and benevolent day for the world of magic to be opened to prying and curious novice eyes? For amateurs they certainly were, when first they came to this island with little more than their sheepskin clothes carefully knitted and their wandering staffs, carefully peeled of all willow bark.

The guests of the King Wilber were not really so aware that there was danger here, but they soon had sounds of it from behind the door. Warnings, so to speak, in the form of wailing winds, and gritty sand crystals scraping and smoothing the inside surface of this door.

Jason took a deep breath, and raised his right hand to the handle. Should he knock first? he briefly thought. No, it wouldn't serve any purpose anyway. Perhaps there was no-one there to open it.

Best to do it himself. Get it over with.

When curiosity would no longer wait he yanked at the handle with all his might.

It swung effortlessly into his face with little weight behind it. What on earth (or perhaps not on this earth) was it made of?

His thought was evacuated from his brain by the splendour that made itself known from the now opened door.

He could only stare in wonder.

.....To be continued

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "The keyhole..." by Funchye

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