Blue Eyed Freckle Face

Friday, November 12, 2010

"That's my sister! She's got so many freckles you'd think someone had tossed a handful of sand in her face, and most of it stuck there!"

I'm Bart, the sow-poke on our farm. Yep, that's right, I did say sow. Keeper of the pigs, ya know. And she's little miss princess. Can't do a darn thing that's a practical help down here in the livestock barn. Except maybe gather the eggs.

Yea, she's all about having ribbons and bows in her hair, and wearing pretty white-approned dresses. She's never shovelled any horse, cow or pig shit in her life. And probably never will.

She's planning to go to college for teachers, and then come back and teach all the country kids their 'rithmetic lessons!

And me, well, I'm just gonna keep shovelling the shit, in this here barn. Besides, it's always nice and warm in here in the winter, with all the animals' breathing out hay-scented clouds of vapour. Peaceful too it is, with them cows all chewing their cud, all contented-like.

Anyway, so then when she comes back, I'll be learning my proper letters and such, so's I can write you a proper English letter. Till then you'll just have to squint up yourn eyes a bit, overlook those mistakes and get the general gist of what I's meaning. Ok?

Ok. So, here's that picture you's requested of my pretty littel sister. Keep it close to your heart, 'cause I won't be sending you anymore. Don't got none.

Your buddy,

ps. Don't you even think of trying anyting funny around my little sister now, cause if ya do, I'll just have to haul off an smack ya in the nose! If ya get my proper drift?

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Self Portrait" by lisahumes

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