Water House

Saturday, November 27, 2010

In this house, you were born my dear child. It's had it's voyages far and away over the long expanse of the Mississippi River.

In my day, she was new, when my father built her for me. A shipwright he was, your gran-dad. I was married on the first day of June in 1898, and that's when we moved in. The furniture was all made by me myself mostly out of reeds and driftwood from the great river.

If you go down there now, you'll see she's been painted all fresh-like. She's real pretty-cosy inside. I've got lovely wood panelling from exotic places like Mexico and South America that I've polished up real nice. And all the curtains I sewed myself.

So's you know you is real welcome to visit me here. Just ask at the top of the Bayou Wharf for the Mississippi Maid. They'll steer you direct down here. I'll put on a pot of my special Mississippi Tea- you'll see how that goes down right smooth with my own Moonshine mixed right into it! Then I'll bring out my home-made cookies to have with your tea. And we'll have ourselves a right good time tea party, just like when I was a little tyke.

Just remember now, it's the Mississippi Maid you's a lookin' for, and your auntie Nicaloe with her two fish eatin' cats, named Rim and Gin.

I's a waitin' fer yea now, so you come soon, ya hear?

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Alte Idylle" by Postsumptio

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