Saturday, February 05, 2011

Planet earth was the best place to have landed on, given the other choices.
No one else survived the landing phases of their planetary migrations. IT was an all round disaster, except for the earth planet. We were still alive, living in ice and snow formed houses at sub zero weather, and some in dug tunnels into the permafrost. There were no other beings alive that we had encountered in our forty day cycles here, but we knew there were other hunters. We heard them howling in the dark of the sun's cycle.

The instruments we were taught to use to determine space location didn't work on this planet. They pointed only in one direction, ever northwards. At first we had followed this direction, hoping to come to the source of the magnetic field, but soon stopped when the trees started to diminish. It was colder in the north, so there was no advantage in continuing in that direction.

Every day the sun rose in the east at ever earlier time, and didn't set for a couple of hours. But even that seemed to be changing as the "seasons" we had been told about started to make themselves felt.

We camped as unobtrusively as possible in order to get an idea of whose land this was, and what we would have to pay to stay here. So far no one had demanded anything of us. Perhaps no one even knew we were here.

But that would soon change, as in the warming spring season, we had to emerge from our dens and walk about on the surface to find edible food here. No one wanted to give up eating the ship's rations, since at least that our stomachs would find nourishment in. The plants of this planet could be poisonous to us, and that meant hunting the hunters for meat. Killing another life form was alien to us. How were we going to survive when rations were exhausted?

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Ombres et soleil" by Vins64

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