Time Machine portal # 652

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This portal is classified as top secret/restricted. It has level 6 clearance, meaning that only horsemen of the apocalypse could successfully navigate it.

In the near future, clairvoyants predict it will become active. This means that, logically the great apocalypse is one possible future time-line that has an event horizon discernible from this present time.

Researches into the event and meaning of "the great apocalypse" indicate that it represents an ending of civilization for humanity via some great unstoppable agency of consuming force such as fire, or explosion.

Beings which seem invincible to the destructive power of this apocalypse, and having counteractive abilities have been born and monitored in the remotest regions of the planet. It has not been released for current media distribution, exactly what these creatures look like or might be.

Some Psychics have predicted to our news agency however, that they most likely are some form of "Dragon". Speculation is that these beasts can be trained to repel and prevent nuclear catastrophe through some means of reverse fire-power.

The engineering required to imitate this ability in a man made tool, has not yet been developed and may not be possible. This means that the creatures themselves must be cultivated to inter-relate with humans to become useful and to uncover their latent abilities, when combined with our most talented young students. The required talents of the humans has not yet been determined, but speculation is, that a key is empathy and ability to "talk" with these creatures. In effect, it has launched a search for the "Dragon whisperer".

If you believe you have this ability, you are invited to make yourself known to the research counsel for human-dragon inter-relations development. This agency can be reached only through certain empathic brain wave cycles emanating from what is called the "latent dragon within".

Certain cultures such as the oriental may have already far advanced individuals with in-born gifts of dragon speech. These cultures will be the first to undergo the rigorous trials associated with screening for potential human-dragon work pairings.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "The Chinese Mothership" by Stuck in Customs

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