Pioneer's Potholes

Monday, February 28, 2011

See them there water filled holes? That's where the axle broke on the wagon, and that's where we pulled over for fixin' it.
Trouble is, we never did leave that there field, until well after the first snows fell. And then it was leaving with a dead one inside a casket. It warn't no fun, I can tell ya dat right off.

In those days, there wasn't really a fence, just a deer track for the hunters to follow. The fences we built later, by hewing down whatever trees we could find out here in this dry hill billy country!

You want to here the story, well just gather round the camp fire this evening after supper, and we'll pass around somethin' ta help everybody get happy a bit. It's moonshine that we makes around here for entertainment, and we'll tell ya a story or two just ta make your stay a bit ore interestin'

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Approaching the Ranch" by Stuck in Customs

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