The Archaeologist's Vault

Friday, April 23, 2010

In a time long gone, archaeology was a real journey into the past
culture, via the vault. Similar, if not exactly the same as a "hollow
deck" on the space ship "Enterprise the Next Generation", it allowed a
person to travel to the past, to interact with the people and cultural
structures there, as if they were real. This "Key" to time travel, was
greatly coveted by all intellectual classes, more even than money in
it's various shapes and guises. There was a quality of mysterious
rejuvenation about the device, that was not clearly understood, or even
scientifically verified.

This strange phenomena became the source of much media "hoopla" and for
many years, the "Key" was placed under a strict usage law. It became
next to impossible for the "common man" to earn the right to use this
device. It was jealously guarded, by a fervent religious cult, who
believed that a "redeemer" would enter the earth dimension through it.

What this "redeemer" would do here, was transcribed into a sacred book
of writings by the only humans who had successfully returned from a time
travel expedition through this "key".

It was a tragically familiar story. We had all heard of it before.
Everyone dismissed it as unrealistically fantastic. The product of an
over-wraught imagination. It couldn't possibly be considered a
global threat of any kind. The device had not been studied, therefore
it could not be accurately classified, as to the potentiality of it's
functions, or even of it's misuse.

The "church of the vessel", as it became known, was a hidden sect,
that revealed nothing to humanity at large, about the nature of
transformations emanating out of the "Key". The reason was simple.
The prevention of mass public hysteria, needed to be prevented.

The resulting schism that was generated between members of the "church
of the vessel" and society, became the source of mass conflict. Entire
countries and cultures were destroyed in the misguided attempt to
suppress the knowledge emanating from the "Key". The agents of
suppression, were themselves destroyed by their own actions. The Key
continued to "emanate" regardless of what mankind devised to close it
down. Nothing appeared to be able to control or destroy it.

Those remaining alive, despite it's "emanation" began to realize that it
served as a catalyst for all human and all planetary life"s
evolution. The process was escalating with each new generation that was
born. The process could not be stopped.
The only escape, it was surmised, might be to actually enter the device,
and learn to "travel" in whatever way that was meant to be done.
Who could be used as a "guinea pig" to test this theory? No one could
be found.

Until one day, an element emerged from the device's centre, which had
clearly not existed on earth before. This new element, could not
speak or communicate in any way known to man. It did however
begin to make a sound, unlike anything heard before. It remained
inside the devices illuminated "doors" and did not consume any
"food" or water. Those studying it began to suspect that it did not have a "life" that
required consumption of an energy source of any kind.

What was it? Could not be determined. The religious sect began to
"worship" it as the foretold "redeemer". This too was considered an hysterical reaction, by the world community leaders. The area in which
the "Key" resided was remote from large populations, so it could easily
be quarantined. It was camouflaged with large shale embankments that
looked from the outside like a small mountain. And it was officially
forgotten. All human eyes were deliberately turned to other focus.

A small group of highly austere individuals became the guardians of the
physical embankments. No attempts were made to enter the presence of
the element, to study or interact with it. No further information could
be deseminated about the "Key" or it's "element" contained inside.

Whether this thing was doing or would ever "do " anything to
interact with the earth was unknown, and unobserved.
Finally, the "unthinkable" thought was thought, and the being who
thought it, was suddenly present inside the element, fully formed. It
appeared, that the element had generated it's own medium through which
it would now speak.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Sant Pere de Rodes" by Reinante El Pintor de Fuego

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