Green Vortex

Friday, April 30, 2010

Into a green gullet
curving left, lighted right,

photosynthesis maximum speed,
races forward, then recedes,
sunlight propelled,
into the cells,
metabolised like sugar

hummingbirds' trough,
or trap
eternity's messenger caught,
in emerald rejuvenation.

growing aloft, unique faculties, appendages,
multi-coloured flowering of braincells,
new, spring-green flow,
pulsing, energy cycle
sapience, re-birthing a universe

Funnel into infinity,
emergence in this moment,
forever present, frozen foment,
flowing fragile, sensitive, sensory freedom,
channel of frequency - light.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Whhhhhiiiiiieeeeeeehhh..." by Stig Nygaard

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