Dragon's Dungeons in the Ether Lands

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dragons live here.

It isn't really a place, but rather a time, contorted to appear like a

Conceptually, as humans, we need to see the where, the location that
everything occurs in. But that doesn't mean that in fact, events happen
in a specific place. They do tend to happen during a certain time "framed".

The act of framing time, is a quality or trait of dragons. Hence, we
have the out-picturing or conceptualization of that time in a specific
physical spot on the planet.

If you are present, at the exact location, when the dragon's
conceptualization is being expressed, then you are caught into a
lifetime of events at that spot. You cannot remove yourself by a force
of will, or a personal decision. There is only one way to remove your
self. The exact dragon, who en-twined you, must un-twine you from that
time frame.

This leads us to the examination of methods of communication with the
dragons, who conceptualize time-places, and their 'training' in human
terms, to behave with their human counterparts, instead of independently
of them. You may dispute with me at this point whether such training
and cooperation is even feasible. I reassure you that it most definitely is.

Criteria for Communication with Time-Entwining Dragons

First, you must believe that these abilities exist, and that they can be
controlled by a human/dragon command.

Second you must be willing to learn how to communicate with the entity
(usually called dragon although other names have been used in the past) that expresses or emanates that ability

Third, you must be able to recognise when you have successfully linked
and communicated with the entity.

Fourth, you must be able to learn what the entity is saying in response
to your communication.

Fifth, you must be able to possess the mind of the entity in a
sufficiently strong bond, so as to guide and influence the entities'
abilities and direction of time-entwining.

Sixth, you must be willing to experiment with the various permutations
of results, that will be registered on the planet, somewhere.

Seventh, the sky is not the limit, since dragons fly beyond physical or
temporal dimensions, so you must be willing to find yourself in
completely new and seemingly outrageous outcomes.

Eighth, you must be willing and able to live whenever, and where-ever
your dragon entwines you. "When-where-ever you lay your hat is your
home" as they say.

Finally, if you are willing to do and be all of these things, then you
must answer this final question:

Do you believe you have what it takes to become a time-entwining
dragon's rider?

If you have answered yes, to all of these questions, then you may read
when further instructions become available in this "time-framed".

If not, this document will now end, in this "time framed", and reappear,
in another one.

The temporal end.....(of this "time-framed")

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "ASU Art Museum" by kevindooley

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