Ancestral Flowers

Sunday, May 09, 2010

So many lovely colours combine
in effervescent see-through patterns,
overlapping, diverging, opaque hues springing,
collage of petals, singing brightly,

Children also, come in hues,
many coloured dimensions,
time pieces ticking,
each one with a unique chime,
agenda, and life path design.

Be with me now, oh mothers of the past,
long ago lineage, tracing back,
multi woven bands of life, governed
by lost threads tied together, fraying,
stressed, distressed, but holding on together.

Birth now, the new age's dawning,
luminescent, bright lights all of them.
Let them not fall into sultry diversion
but steady steel into the fire thrust.

Bring forth the next age, truly,
faithfully borne through dirt and damp,
carried high to greatness and consequence,
emerging to victory, achievements flower.

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "Hotel Bellagio, LV - Ceiling detail - IMG_0477" by Nicola since 1972

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