Worm hole in the Desert

Friday, May 14, 2010

Austlin the Magician/ Sorcerer has launched the Mirror Reflection
Wormhole projection spell in order to travel within his own
consciousness. He has successfully opened the projection via the small
round mirror like Talisman that he carries with him as his warding
charm. It will open and expand outwards until he collapses into it,
and thereby travelling through time to every other time frame in his
consciousness that has a creative germ of truth in it . At each
"time framed" location he will receive a new challenge or obstacle to overcome, or master.

Once this worm hole is opened and set into motion, it cannot be stopped
or reversed.

Austlin is destined now to travel through the sands of time forever.

The first destination has been revealed to him as he stands planted like
a tree in the desert, holding the fateful mirror. He travels through
his own umbilical cord, into the all encompassing cord of the time
pendulum, swinging, swinging forever from the dark wet branches of the
blooming cherry tree in the courtyard of the once crowned and famous
king Aurthur of the green floating isles of England. Here he emerges
whole and intact from the sacred well, wet, and slimy like a newborn
babe. He has no clothes, and he appears greenish of skin, reborn like
the fertility god known as the Green Man. The kitchen maid, collecting
water for washing at the well, does not recognise him as a man, but
rather as the hairy beast of Scunthorpe, which has been stealing young
goats from the farmherders. She runs, wailing and chanting a protective
verse fastidiously, into the kitchen of the King's Court.

Here she will tell her story: a tale that has already grown in
hideousness exponentially since it's first conception in her mind.
Already the monster is the green dragon that the King must kill. Already
it has flown off to raid the flocks in order to feed it's voracious
appetite. The kitchen women tell her to keep her insane wandering mind
in check and her story to herself. They want to believe no part of it.

In the meantime, the socerer has disappeared into the forest where his
nudity will not so readily offend the sensibilities of the population.
He has clothed himself in tree bark from the soft a supple birch tree.
He has made the transition into a wood elf. He will spend his next
lifetime of 55 years in this place, learning the secret languages of all
the magical entities living here.
Before he may travel on, he must recall the words of the magical charm
to once again open the wormhole. But he must be able to speak it using
the correct magical languages that he has learned here. They must all be
present, whole and represented fairly. Until he can perform this, he
must remain here.

Already, the shadow grows deeper around him, and in his hands appears
the sphere of silver reflecting light. Here, the mirror is only a waft
of vision, glimmering faintly. The words suddenly appear in his mind as
if emblazoned there in glowing coals. Already the 55 years of exile have
merged into one condensed moment inside the wormhole. Suddenly the
wormhole expands like an over- fatted caterpillar, ready to cocoon
itself. Then, with no more time intervening it emerges transformed once
again, a multi-coloured butterfly, wet, and ugly from birthing. It sits,
fanning it's wings, expanding then slowly into functional soul-wind
bearing instruments of travel. This is the butterfly shaped soul-travel
of the mysterious wizard, emerging once again into another experiential
plane. Here he will learn to survive on the nectar of the night shade
flowers and learn to sing the songs of the sword of the minstrels.

to be continued......

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "DSC_0217" by _temaki_

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