Latent Scrubbrushes

Saturday, June 12, 2010

employment required of scarpbristled scrubs
to elminate mold-eating paint or
paint eating mould

spreading black virus, squared exponentially
moving subcutanously
hidden under white washing
black stealth breaks through the white to the limelight

new spring leaved erupted growth
eats the dirt, transforms it
into a ravenous beatty

shower walls rinsing forever,
falling but failing
to clean the container's squares
repeitive cleansing, frsutrated motions

new self conscious awreness, of undone works
sitting revealed in glaring colourlessness,
writtien palin in black and white,
like a newpaper

have you red it?
isn't the colour that matters,
but the insistence to action,
squiggling, niggling upward in priority
till it's done, renewed, made over, disappered

crstal clean sower,

Writing by Regina Stemberger

Photo "second skin" by striatic

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