You are currently viewing Day 13 – Lobotomy

Original Composition Date: Monday, March 22, 2010

Kelso WAS my favourite toy, until my brother in a fit of boyish glee, did a brain lobotomy operation on him.

Kelso was never the same again!

Where he once had lovely silken blue hair, he now had bleeding brains, graphically etched in lovely red/pink ink. It didn’t even look realistic, so if Kelso had any aspirations of becoming a medical demonstation model, his modeling days were over.

Well, not totally, I guess.

If there was a movie where monstrosities of sorts were required, he could still gross out the audience, or the casting people. Because, as far as I was concerned, he was a freak now. And I didn’t want him. He could go live below the earth, with the other freaks.

I mourned him for the better part of that day,…… after he was returned to me by a mischievously grinning piece of sh t of a brother. Now, we had an ongoing feud that no-one was going to terminate, if I could help it. Something of his was going to get trashed tomorrow, I swore by all the saint’s names I knew.

But, in the meantime, there was Kelso’s funeral to arrange, his service to improvise, and his final resting place (hidden by my own spells if I could get them to work) to determine.

I knew that beast of a brother, was going to be spying on me all day, and probably most of the night with all his special “spyguy ” gadgets. I had to somehow, escape notice, even by those gadgets. I needed a fool proof, water proof, reason for leaving the house. And without any adult supervision. That was going to be the most difficult, to fenagle. I needed an assistant, but who could I trust? Most of my friends also chumed around with THE little brother.

That’s where, my newest , most unaware friend, Betsy could help! She’s just a phone call away. And has never been to our house, is new at school, and hasn’t met my brother. Surely, this newness could be worth something in this dilemma?

I called her up. She’d given me her number, but I have no idea where she lives. It rang twice. An adult female picked up.

“Hello?” I said, “Is Betsy there? ” “Yes, but who is this, may I ask?” “It’s Sonja, from Betsy’s class at school.” “I’m wondering if her and I could get together tonight to do some project work from Science class?”

I kept my fingers crossed behind my back.

Well, Betsy’s got to go to the dentist this evening, but I suppose you could come around eight? We should be home by then. Do you have our address?”

“No” and my mom won’t let me leave by myself, I’d need to get picked up. Do you think you could get me on the way back from the dentist’s and drop me off again at home later?”

“Yes, sure, I can do that. What’s your address?”

I gave them our address, and hung up. It was done, arranged! I was going to pull this off alright!

Now, to get down that magic spells book, I had stored out of reach of short brothers, pack the funeral box for Kelso into my backpack, and might as well store him inside it, for now(…just so no one would see him like he is now.)

How was I ever going to show him to Elsie, they way he looked now? She’s never going to understand what I saw in him originally. He used to be such a “perfect” little robot being. Now he looked radically transformed. I was now convinced that he in fact really was dead.

“Are you dead?” I asked him. Silence.

Tears filled my eyes, as I placed him carefully into the running shoe box from my Gym shoes. I placed a tissue over his exposed “brains”. I even whispered a prayer over him as I closed the box with the lid.

“Good-bye Kelso!” I whispered as I carefully positioned the box into the bottom of my backpack.

Tonight at Elsie’s house, I planned to use one of the spells from the book on him. Maybe it would help. He needed to change his looks, desperately, and I had to do whatever it took to help with that process …

of course I WAS praying for an improvement. (And, a very large part of me really DIDN’T believe he was dead! He couldn’t be! I wouldn’t allow for that…… )

Little did I realize then, just what kind of a transformation I could effect with my MAGIC spell …

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Custom “Brain” mini munny” by Aidan O’Sullivan