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Conversation with a Guide

Despite your carefully hooded countenance,
devoid of expression either positive or negative,
you were not neutral to my sight.

Detached, and deliberately in the dark,
I hesitantly took up your carefully laid thread,
with a kind of cautious dread.

“Where are you leading me?” I am hesitant to attempt that question even,
knowing from the start that it is wiser to remain
in the dark.

Safe and unassuming, I peek out nevertheless,
with piercing vision, and see
your light as it concentrates itself
in your eyes.

This much I have recognised,
despite my unenlightened state.
I choose to trust the heightened quality
of your intentions.

But is it enough, to achieve
the higher ground? I ask
because still, I do not know.
Still, I am in the dark.

What is the source
of your light?

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “five” by woodleywonderworks

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