You are currently viewing Day 23 – Miniscule Planet
Miniscule Planet

Golf ball sized world, shrunken down to essentials,
or perhaps not so essential,
swirving through space in an irregular elipse.

Unbalanced by church like edifice wobbling
to the left, but opposite, nature enlcosed
in a park with taller lamppost, and tree.

This space feels cramped, too small,
in need of an explosive expansion,
but must be done by slow growth
from the inside out, or explosion.

Unshrink these essentials, give them space
to grow, otherwise, we are midgets here,
or stunted humanoids; a caricature
of what is overemphasized.

Claustrophobia, reigns supreme
in imbalance. The inhabitants
if there are any? must be hiding
inside, to prevent the dizzying sensation
of irregular rotation. Nausea

Let loose this tiny planetoid,
from gravity induced motions,
set it free. It cannot survive, it’s
cramped parameter.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Montmartre s’éveille” by gadl

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