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Franken Sense, Myrrh, and Gold

“Hello Lamppost! How ya’ doing?” “I’ve come to watch your flowers growing!”

“Weed flowers most likely, but still blooming!”

“How are you, my two buddies?” (One tall, named Franken Sense another short and bulbous, and bitter as Myrrh),
“Silence the shadows, bring up the Gold,” Only she can save us, from UFO’s desending.

Sending down long siphons, into the earth,
Growing round, like onions, but not as tasty.
Sending minions to conquer us, silent as shadows,
Connecting our fibres together, deep into the earth.
Will they shed light, like lichens feeding on stone?
Deteriorate our foundations, turn them to dust,
Blown away on the wind, to settle a new planet?

“The Gold can save us!” they cried most jubilantly, she’s hear somewhere near,
(they forgot the secret, to make her visible!) But they didn’t listen, they didn’t see,

The light is a current that runs through our bodies,
We make it ourselves to light our own ways,
So we can see in the dark, and be shadows by day.

“The Gold didn’t arrive, she didn’t save us!
We’re miserable now,
Our Goddess didn’t here us!”

The Franken Scense believes that she murdered someone,
The Myrrh has become sweet.
The Gold is now evil, she’s dark, untrustworthy.

“The Gold doesn’t arrive, she doesn’t here us!
She hears only the dark,
the light will not save us.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo That’s interesting” by kevindooley

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