You are currently viewing Day 30 – Journey of the Magician’s Apprentice
Journey of the Magician's Apprentice

There were four and twenty Blackbirds
sitting in a row,
going into a pie?
I don’t think so…..

Taking me for flying lessons
tied up to my arms
Lift off was very gentle
we floated over farms.

Four remained to the very end,
it came soon enough.
Setting me down gently in a field;
that wasn’t really rough!

For a first time, junior apprentice,
in the Magic Trade,
I thought I did Ok
but later, during testing time,
I definitely was afraid.

When I saw what we had done,
it seemed outrageous, peculiar
I flew without shoes, only birds,
It wasn’t meant to fool you!

I’ve survived the easiest blackbird journey,
now it’s onwards I must flow.
The second endeavour starts today,
Through air, like water, I will go.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Spirited Away” by Stephen Brace

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