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Honey Comb Ride

Original Composition Date: Saturday, April 10, 2010

In the year 2110, only one antique red “automobile” was left in the world.

It was built in 2011, by the now 100 year defunct manufacturer, called Oppel.

Oppel vehicles were considered gems of the vehicle world at that time.

There is a copy of this Oppel antique, in the Honeycomb Museum for 22nd Century Inventions.

This vehicle is now owned by the richest man on the planet.

Not only does this vehicle fly as it is supposed to, but it can walk, run, jog, carry your groceries, push your baby’s pram, and sing you to sleep at night.

The inventor, now famous, Sebastion Bach, regularly used this vehicle as a moving habitation,

Yes, we mean as his home, in the sky. in FACT, THIS VEHICLE can hover over your property indefinitely, without polluting the air, or creating any negative output.

The Honeycomb Building was specially designed to house this vehicle, because it is so intelligent, that it can not be stored in any other way.

We have called it the “Honeycomb ride”, because, it’s the sweetest little computerized Jalopy we have ever seen.

By today’s standards, it far outstrips anything built since.

There is no comparison to anything in existence today.

If you wish to visit, take her for a spin around the planetary airspace, you must enter a “Million Dollar Lottery”, by contributing the paltry sum of 1,ooo unitary coins, and await the announcements for the names of the winners.

For now, though, by Government Decree, she must stay attached or moored to the floor in the Honeycomb building.

(In case you are thinking of just visiting for a look see, we advise you bring a scent detection dog with you to find her, as she moves herself randomly to various lookout positions at the railings.

No one has been able to determine the motivation for such a display.

Perhaps she is just bored with her human hosts.)

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Marina City, Chicago. One-car garage.” by o palsson

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