You are currently viewing Day 39 – Artificially Intelligent Vision
Artificially Intelligent Vision

Pre- artificial intelligence world saw with lenses carefully poised,
always on the alert for unusual events or things.

Now we just know with some kind of extra sensories installed artfully
but artificially into our visual cortex. It isn’t painful,
really, just hyper sensory.

Oh, to be back in the days of camera lenses, manually manipulated.
Then, we had choices. Now we process everything or nothing. Like being
forever on a drug, enhancement is.

I wouldn’t choose it now. Just to not know, once again, what would I do.

Tear the neurons from my brain cells, become dull witted and slow? Pray
for a malfunction? Donate the rest of me to science? What kind of
experiments would become possible? What would “I” become then?

A Robot

I am that already.
“Hello, pleased to meet you in the future.” “I wish to return to the past. Do you know the way to get there?”

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Ultron Duo [Lens Porn]” by rawheadrex

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