You are currently viewing Day 42 – Latency

Original Composition Date: Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dawning, rising up like a sun,
entering the void, surrounded,
apricot coloured rays of ice,
fragmented, broken,
preserved in tiny globules.

Life forms all of them,
from distant star’s planets
cast off together, hivelike,
clinging together for life now
emerging new born, through the
void sun’s blackened body.

Droplets of food, borne
likewise in frozen pellets
orange fruiting body,
will descend and obstruct, the life’s passage.
Nourish the newborns,
dissolving, flowing, merging,
ice crystals no more.

Transformed, incorporated now into younger bodies,
following internal DNA dictates,
another kind of sun rising.

Growth, maturity, decline and return,
into the void of the apricot crystal ice body.

Semi-circle of dark, latent potentiality.

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