You are currently viewing Day 53 – Humanoids have collected many-things
Humanoids have collected many-things

For the honeycomb rock to safeguard.
It hasn’t been a very safe place to hide.

So we searched under it, digging
The largest dogs dug the fastest
reaching the middle of the stone face
after about half a day

We had a beach party to celebrate
the uncovering of most amazing sand treasures

We buried the empty bottles in a pile,
and staked it with a flapping flag.

The seagulls and cormorants came
to sit on the top of it squaking
asking us ” where? where? “
“Where, is the treasure?”

we didn’t tell anyone “where”
we just wrote up a new treasure map,
stuffed it into a glass bottle,
corked it real good,
and set it adrift in the current.

Perhaps, in ten years from now,
the world governments will beat a path to our door,
because, what we found will be known as
Plutonium, and we could maybe explode
the planet with it.

But we didn’t.

We played soccer with it.

Then we buried it in the sand,
underneath the
honeycomb pebble rock.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Giant Mancala Board” by Dawn Endico

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