You are currently viewing Day 57 – Seeing Nine Pinkies
Seeing Nine Pinkies

Nine pinkies sitting in a row,
waiting for the morning,
socks and shoes, perhaps

but right now it’s best just feeling
with a bare soul,
ridges in the linoleum.

Nine pinkies tapping out a tune,
getting ready to dance
maybe even in the beach sand

but right now, it’s best just feeling
with bare soles
a floor beneath your feet.

Nine pinkies, having their own way here,
escaped from confinement,
breathing the air, and the day

but right now, it’s best to put on
a fake sole of coconut fibre, (or sandals)
to skip over a bed of burning coals.

If you burn your nine pinkies this morning,
you’ll have to sit with bare feet,
with vitamin e medications
and ice packs to heal and numb them

Feeling the floor won’t be so easy
for nine pinkies to do again then
They’ll be bandaged up more than likely,
their days of bare soul freedom be gone.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Floored” by Nicholas_T

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