You are currently viewing Day 64 – Rising Expectations
Rising Expectations

uphill stair climbing
towards the glass ceiling
is illusionary work

out of the dark
into the blue daylight
is breaking out

almost there,
we fear to stop now
success is so near

mirrors on all sides
reflect our accomplished struggles
and our outward plodding

what’s to come
at the next levelling out
of the ground?

is it clear sailing now?
or do we climb higher,
a city of mountain?

No ends in sight,
for now just upward struggle
the daily grind against gravity.

Dare not to stand still
it will become a retreat
backwards into the past.

Forever, soldier on,
find solace in blue sky
benevolent sunlight and growth

green in the middle
of concrete and glass,
piled high in stony hills
of ant-hill human habitations.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Office Politics: A Rise to the Top” by Alex E. Proimos

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