You are currently viewing Day 069 – Seasoned Mounds of Striped Colours
Seasoned Mounds of Striped Colours

Marrakesh market on Sundays in spring
spawns stripes!
silken lines softly hued,
hats and turbans delight
singular slivers shiver sumptuous
in spring, at the marekech market.

Summer at the board walk market
brims bountiful brilliant bands,
diaphanous dolphins squeeing, calling
creamy coloured coast-caught crayfish
crusty cremini crepes and quails,
quietly quenching lemonade ices,
gingham red, picnic basket, pastoral,
beneath swirling palm trees, swaying
in summer at the beach board walk.

Autumn ibis over green pine forest,
hovers, mingling with verdigris scarlet leaves,
leaving, lessening skirrling, skittish,
fleeting, forays, funnelling
In breezes, winding, windswept, windrows
‘cumulating, pileing, ankle rustling, scrunching Maple forest in ragged autumn crimson.

Winter in wild conefir lands vastness,
fire’s smoke fuming,
pungent pine incense freeing, filtering
crisping air, crenelations contorting,
brilliant blue sunshine doming.
Nature held snow fast, deep in the veld,
locked in, lonesome
in liquid freezing,
vaporous white,


Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Wave” by *saxon*

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