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The Space Tunnel

In 3001, the Space Federation of Earth, launched it’s first interplanetary space tunnel, to Mars. It looked very much like a subway tunnel except that it consisted of the elongated body of the space shuttles that were used beginning in the 1980’s till around 2010. These bodies were retooled to be able to launch small personal craft, through a tunnel, using the most forward advanced travel technology ever invented.

The father of this technology, Sam Slade, was born in 2956, to a poor immigrant family, new to the spacing consortium. He was gifted and rose quickly in the ranks. His first inventions, were not given much attention, until by sheer pressure of numbers, he swamped the guild with ever more brilliant, and practically do-able transportation solutions. At the age of 23, his first design was incorporated into the space program. After that, he was apprenticed to the foremost inventor of that day, and together they made the first bold steps, towards building the space tunnel.

Today, it has been perfected, and can be used commercially to reach Mars, in 12 hours of Earth time. During this time, the passenger is asleep. When he or she arrives at the destination, the personal assistant aboard the Tunnel vehicle, wakes the traveller, dresses her/him in Mars safety clothing, tests it and releases the passenger, into the man-made Marsosphere. This is the equivalent of earths’ atmosphere.

What, exactly happens during the trip “down the tunnel to Mars”, you may ask. This is a mystery that only the Tech. wizards can really explain. So far it appears, to be linked to and be mostly dependant on the principles of Quantum Mechanics. In short, you as the passenger “dream yourself” to the destination, using a very potent form of dream enhancement. The travel technology becomes hard wired, (to use a quaint old computer term) to your particular brain waves as you dream. It then, sends you to that destination, to experience there, the purposes for which you have dreamed of it. This assumes of course, that every destination of which you dream, has a meaningful reason to appear in your dream. It is this reason which is deciphered by the machine, and then acted on.

Can you control the dream destinations which appear? Apparently yes, you can. The first users of the tunnel have taught themselves how to dream of the Martian planet in a meaningful context for the Tech. machine’s deciphering program. If you believe that you have a significant lifetime of work/experience to live on the Martian planet, you are here-by invited to apply for the dream enhancement training. To apply you must appear in person, at the Spacing Guild Headquarters in New San Francisco, with conclusive evidence from your neurological MD. that you have the ability to be trained in dream enhancement.

Good Luck to all aspiring Candidates for this new form of Tech. Travel.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “Fort Totten and Jerry Reed” by katmere

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