You are currently viewing Day 079 – Weaving with Fire
Weaving with Fire

In some distant solar system, deep in space,
Time flames in waves,
weaving circuits, in hot mirrored chips,
deep oceans of them, all
creating whole worlds unto themselves complete.

Step calmly into this video-game simulation,
and loose yourself in a new time-space place.

Circular boundaries with flaming edges await,
in a circus carnival ride,
meant to entice, uplift, reveal,
your true emotions,

Undo your hesitations, unravel your hair,
fling off your clothing,
run naked to heaven
from the crisping flames surrounding the world,
make-believe, all of it!

Output of creative mind, ensconced
in it’s own imaginative world,
sunk deep into hot ravelling woven fabrics
emerging new images in golden threads
on clouded mirror lakes of electronic chips
birthing a scorching, hot,
artificial computer intelligence.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo Relativity and photography” by kevindooley