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Seeing David the Zombie King

Yesterday, in the park, a zombie before me arose,
dis-completed, disjointed, spare of eyes was he,
showed me even the whites of them, could it be?

said “how do you do? my name was David, in another world, another time…”

Couldn’t say anything at first, just stared
at his crazy white eyes.

Journey we did then, into another world, another place,
into the Steppes of Russia, we flew
to visit an old woman, Babushka to you.

Babushka knew this David, giant among incomplete beings,
said he should look for a work to do,
that would make him immortal in everyone’s eyes.

“What can I do? What can I do?” he wailed at me, as if I could tell him the secret – he did not see,

“Give me your eyes!” he said to me. “Then I will be able to see, to see, what it is, that must be, must be.”

“If I give you my eyes, what will happen to me?” I said in response. “You will be blind for only a short time,” said he.

“But time is a relative thing” said I, when he would not leave me. “Why should I give up my eyes, so that you may see?”

“I do not know what will become of me, if I cannot see!” said we, together now.
“So One of us will see, for the other one too, we will become one in our seeing!” said he.

“Okay”, said I, giving him my eyes. He sucked them from my skull, then,
so that with his stomach he would see.

Now I have no eyes, but still I can see. Giving them away did nothing
to me.

David has my eyes, in his stomach, you see.
Since he was in-completed, he is now more complete.
He can see inside himself now, he has got the sight.
He has digested the seeing, so now blessed be!

He understands how the seeing, it works!
He no longer needs to eat people to be,
he can exist simply by seeing them near, to talk to,
to laugh with, to give to them free,

it’s insight he’s got now,
so immortal is he!

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo Day 1 / 3.65 – I Hate Mondays” by Clearly Ambiguous

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