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Railing into the distance

Take the blue rail to the right ma’am,
see how the siding moves?
Isn’t going to take very long now,
till you’re back in Santa Fe,

Always wondered ’bout those train cars,
how they’ve a story to tell,
even the blue and green ones
graffiti messages, by Nell.

Hitchin’ a ride on those rail cars,
isn’t done much any-more now,
but we had our days of travelling on,
cross this wide green, brown, continent.

Past fields of waving wheat, golden in the sun,
past mountain crags, and lions,
chasing goats across rock strewn crevasse,
through bore al forests infinite, and
polar bears, sailing ice floes.

Gone from one coast to another,
swept up by icy oceans’ crests,
We’ve taken the engine ‘far as she’ll go
through marshes, wetlands and bog

We’ve listened to the call of the loon,
as we pass by our favourite lakes
up canals past villages quaint,
Through shield rock faces chugging,
down to the great lakes we’d sprint,

So take the fast blue train, my lady,
It’ll get you to Santa Fe,
Where you’ll be right at home with the rattler,
and the dessert cactus tree.

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo The Blue, The Bad And The Ugly” by pierre bédat

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