You are currently viewing Day 41 – Ballooning Windswept Canvas of the Sky
Ballooning Windswept Canvas of the Sky

Spread out your sweeping breadth unfurled,
with crackling snapping expansion wide
like the blue-silver sky, immense,
comforting in it’s bigness,
protective, embracing, like a sheet,
yet sailing, effective, in catching the wind.
Expand, raise the roof!
Behold a new home!
Impart a habitation, dwelling,
up into the sky.

This is where a soul could soar,
winged and free
reeling outward flapping motion
following the lifebreath of the wind,
disappearing, reappearing at will
rooted, tethered to the soil,
but moving up and out, motioning towards infinity,

Writing by Regina Stemberger
Photo “fairy-dream” by alicepopkorn

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